Interior Decorating


Are you ready to work with a professional to create a home that perfectly reflects you?


Seeking the guidance of an interior decorator professional is a wonderful way to develop or enhance your own style

From the Floor Up

The interior decorating services available from a qualified designer extends far beyond paint and carpet. Your personal goals and home needs can be met with style and panache with the right designer.


For example, how do you like to relax? Are you a busy professional who needs a private oasis in which to escape the world, or are you headed into retirement and looking for a space in which to host friends or grandchildren?


Each decision you make about your updated home can be improved and expanded with the help of a great interior decorating professional. We can help you design a living space that supports your life and feeds your soul.

Elegance in Every Corner

No matter how much room you have or haven’t got, a designer can help you make the most of your existing space, the light available and your favorite personal items. With the right designer, your home can become a tailored showplace for your style and your favorite and most precious possessions.

Highly Minimalistic Interiors

By working with a qualified designer, you can turn your home into a place that lifts you up and prepares you for a new day. Contact us at Cynthia Whitaker Studios for a consultation about your needs, goals and dreams. Celebrate your space and your style with the guidance of a great interior professional!