As soon as you begin designing for clients, whether in the field of commercial or residential design, you immediately discern that, really, the “Design Philosophy” for each project truly stems from the client. Their needs, desires, hopes, and aspirations for their space dictate a projects personality. As such, excellent designers recognize that each client no matter who they are, are imperative collaborators in driving the design process. By the conclusion of the project, each of those unique clients can feel that, embodied within their spaces, is the generous feedback that they provided their designers making their dreams abundantly reflected in a well directed and designed space. Simple said, Design is the beauty that emerges from selection, affinities integration, and love and It is my hope, as your designer, that, at the end of the process, I have, your vision and yes, your design philosophy fully achieved.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Cynthia Whitaker has been drawing inspiration from her multicultural upbringing and extensive travels throughout her life. Growing up in between the unique dynamics of Miami and Colombia, she developed an innate talent for marrying diverse influences with contemporary aesthetics. She received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the School of Architecture at Florida International University and has practiced and collaborated with renowned and international designers throughout her career. Although her simple, warm, elegant style is inherent in each of her projects, Cynthia credits the distinction of each space to the unique inspiration drawn from each client. Contrast abounds in the work of this prolific designer. With a reverence for the classics, she manages to incorporate an eclectic edge into her work. Her goal is to create a flowing and comfortable space for each client to celebrate good design in their everyday life, as she believes it is a basic necessity for well-being.

Since founding her firm in 2006, she has successfully brought to completion beautiful and unique spaces in multiple destinations ranging from Aspen, Phoenix, The Hamptons, and Connecticut to Miami and Palm Beach. She has also co-founded another company, UNLABELED DESIGN, to cater towards high-profile commercial projects in collaboration with other interior designers.

Client Testimonials

Cynthia, Thank you! I’m so happy with everything!
You helped me complete my vision!
All My Best